Churn Creek Golf Course Layout

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Churn Creek Golf Course

Churn Creek Golf Course is situated south of Redding between Interstate 5 and the Redding Airport, off Knighton Rd in Shasta County. It is as challenging of a course as you will ever find. Its narrow fairways are line with old Valley Oaks, tall Eucalyptus, and Cottonwood trees with a smattering of Mulberry trees. Its natural beauty coined the phrase “Redding’s Divine Nine” and has been a local favorite since it opened in 1977. Please explore the different holes in more detail using this interactive map or the links above. We are sure you will be amazed of the variety of designed holes that neatly tuck themselves in and out of the beautiful trees. Players beware, as beautiful as these trees are they also present a formidable challenge for all levels golf.