Membership Application

Please read carefully

  • To become a member: To become a member you must first be a member in good standing with the Northern Californian Golf Association (NCGA) after which you can become a member of the Churn Creek Golf Association (CCGA).
  • Cost for first year: $46.00 fee for NCGA membership (only first year) and $20.00 fee for the CCGA membership what gives a total of $66.00.
  • Cost for renewal: $36.00 fee for NCGA membership (renewal) and $20.00 fee for the CCGA membership that gives a total of $56.00.
  • Please make checks payable to: Churn Creek Golf Association
  • Renewal: Membership in the CCGA and NCGA expires on December 15th and must be renewed annually. There is a $10.00 NCGA fee if dues are paid after December 31st.
  • Total dues to be paid at the desk.
  • For more information: Send email to Rick Faller: for more information about membership inquiry, applications and website questions.
  • CCGA By-Laws