Sevillano Links Result 2009


Sevillano Links

Enjoying a great day at Sevillano Links (more pictures)

12 members participated at Sevillano Links, which resulted in 3 foursomes. 

Those who attended were: Rick Faller, Jim McClure, Paul Zichichi, Dave Cantwell, Jeff Peacock, Jim Dickerson, JR Myers, Duayne Loucks, Charles Gilbreath, Mike Leonelly, Mike Canavan, Keith Cunnington.

Lowest individual Rounds: Duayne Loucks (88) followed by JR Meyers (90), Charles Gilbreath (90), Jim McClure (90), Keith Cunning ton (92), Jim Dickerson (93)

Winning team: was Team C. consisting of, JR Meyers, Jeff Peacock, Rick Faller, and Charles Gilbreath.
Resulted from the BLIND DRAW, (which was a $ 5.00 buy-in winner takes all)

Good time had by all. Play took a little over 5 hrs. It got a little warm but the beer tasted good. Jeff peacock highly recommends the delicious hot dogs located at the snack bar, “Pepto Bismo” anyone?