CCGA Toys For Kids/ Turkey Shoot 12-12-09


Christmas kids


This years event was a great success and we thank all that braved the bad weather to participate in this worthy cause.

Special thanks to Charles Gilbreath who did an outstanding job putting this tournament together.

 Open Low Gross  40  Brandon Ketchum  $40
 Open Low Net  35  Kenneth Gunter  $35
 2-nd Place Low Net  35  Eric Bullert  $20
 3-rd Place Low Net  36  Lee Lamp  $15
 4-th Place Low Net  36  Tom Galles  $10

 Senior Open Low Gross  38  Jim Zeigler  $40
 Senior Open Low Net  32  Ron Rowton  $30
 Senior 2-nd Place Low Net  35  Jim McClure  $20
 Senior3-rd Place Low Net  35  Don Morris  $15
 Senior 4-th Place Low Net  36  Dan Harrison  $10
 Closet to Pin #5  2 ft. 11 inch.  Jim McClure  $10
 Closet to Pin #7  24 feet  Paul Zichichi  $10

Special Thanks for CASH DONATIONS from Dan Harrison (given back his winnings) $ 30, Mike Denton $ 20, & Tom Baird $20 = TOTAL- $ 70.00 !!

Last but certainly not least we thank the Churn Creek Lady golf Association for their contribution in donations of toys and food to help our charity event.