Net Amateur Results 2009


The two champions

Paul Zichichi and Brandon Ketchum Low net winners at 2009 Net Amateur (more pictures)


The Churn Creek Golf Association concluded its 2009 Net Amateur Tournament Saturday July 11, 2009 We had 15 members participating in this years competition.  The winners were Brandon Ketchum and Paul Zichichi. We wish them the best of luck at the next level of competition. slide show.

Presidents Flight

 1st Place  Brandon Ketchum, Champion  Net 67
 T2nd Place  Kenneth Gunter  Net 69
 T2nd Place  Bob McAllister  Net 69
 4th Place  Pat Bott  Net 76
 5th Place  Shawn Baird  Net 77
 6th Place  Lee Lamp  Net 82
 7th Place  Tom Galles  Net 86


Directors Flight

 1st Place  Paul Zichichi, Champion  Net 66
 2nd Place  Tom Baird  Net 73
 3th Place  JR Myers  Net 77
 T4th Place  Rick Faller  Net 79
 T4th Place  Justin Myers  Net 79
 6th Place  Benny Lentz  Net 83
 7th Place  Dave Spinks  Net 84
 8th Place  Harold Viette  Net 86