Year 2009


Welcome to the official website of the Churn Creek Golf Course in Redding, CA
and it's men's golf club the CCGA to review the results and photos from the year 2009.


The CCGA is an active Association. On the Churn Creek Golf Course we had in 2009 5 association tournaments scheduled and another 4 NCGA qualifier tournaments at our home course. Our travel events were just as exciting as we scheduled an additional 4 travel events to other golf courses in our region. We also included in our program a 12 week “Tuesday Twi-light summer League” where the competition was outstanding! If that was not enough to feed your golf appetite you could also have participated in the very popular Thursday night open scramble that ran throughout the day light savings time season. After it’s all said and done you as a member had 43 events to choose from in 2010. We offeedr more events than any other Association in the Redding area.

Enjoy looking back at the year 2009. Review all the results watch all the photos taken by Rick Faller during all the tournaments!