Welcome to the official website of the Churn Creek Golf Course in Redding, CA
and it's men's golf club the CCGA.

Up to date information about fees, the course layout, score card, membership, contact numbers, lessons, driving directions. The Churn Creek Golf Course in Redding, CA is a "Divine 9" course with a range of membership rates that will fit your personal budget.

Churn Creek Golf Course in Redding, Ca is also the home of the Churn Creek Golf Association (CCGA). Although we are not affiliated with the owners or management of Churn Creek Golf Course, we do work together in a spirit of partnership towards the betterment of the golfing experience by making many exciting events available to our membership. The CCGA is further dedicated to the promotion of men’s golf at Churn Creek Golf Course. The creation of this website is designed for the use of its members and for the recruitment of "New" members. We proudly invite you to browse this website as we are confident you will discover what a great organization the (CCGA) is.

The CCGA is an active Association. On the Churn Creek Golf Course we schedule 5 association tournaments and another 4 NCGA qualifier tournaments at our home course. Our travel events are just as exciting as we schedule an additional 3 travel events to other golf courses in our region. To further feed your golf appetite you can also participate in the very popular Thursday night open scramble that runs throughout the day light savings time season. After it’s all said and done you as a member will have 35 events to choose from each year. We offer more events than any other Association in the Redding area. More information on our upcoming events can be found on top of this site under "Home Events" and "Travel Events"

We are a sanctioned member in good standing with the Northern California Golf Association. In joining the CCGA you will experience a wonderful sense of fellowship with a great group of people that love the game of golf in a very casual atmosphere. Find out about all the benefits and be positively surprised about the low costs. For more information about becoming a member of the best Golf Association in the North State, just click Membership. There you will find all the information needed to guide you through the easy process of becoming a member.

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